Building better Bathrooms and wetrooms

Technology is Here to Stay

Ever wondered what a bathroom in the future might look like? Technology has taken bathrooms to a completely different style with new innovations that include more customizable and programmable features than ever before. Bathrooms and wet-rooms of the future are certainly not boring. If you would like to transform your bathroom into a space of luxury and convenience, here are some things to consider incorporating into your design. Glass fully customisable splash backs ,corian window sills fully tiled wetroom floors blue tooth inset speakers electronic taps colour changing taps inset hd tv,s fully waterproof.

Modern Homes Demand Smart Technology

A lot of first time home buyers are now looking for property’s that contain smart technologies such as central heating controlled via your phone , smart underfloor heating and even phone operated ovens.

These technologies are now making there way into or bathrooms and the results are amazing.

  • Inset fully waterproof high definition televisions

  • blue tooth hidden speakers

  • Smart self learning underfloor heating

  • Heat sensing colour changing taps

Bathrooms are not only a place to get clean and fresh for work they are also a place to relax and refresh .

modern technologies are helping us to do this for example listening to your favourite music while having a shower or watching the latest nature documentary while soaking in the bath A rated bathroom are gradually incorporating these into our bathroom installations throughout Plymouth ,Salcombe and Noss Mayo and are customers are loving it!

This Trend is Set to Continue

A rated bathrooms plan to continue to move with the time whether it is the current modern styles or the latest bathroom tech we are at the forefront and will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible within a wetroom bathroom or shower room ,

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