Bathroom tips

Bathroom tips! Bathroom tips From the professionals at A Rated Bathrooms. Firstly let’s get the property protected. Start at the closest and easiest property access point. Usually there will be some furniture Or pictures on the route to the bathroom. Without delay carefully remove these and put them in a safe place.Next if you

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Bathroom technology

Bathroom technology is Here to Stay Ever wondered what a bathroom in the future might look like? Firstly bathroom technology has taken bathrooms to a completely different style. Due to new tech that include more customizable and programmable features than ever before. Bathrooms and wet-rooms of the future are certainly not boring. If you

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Bathroom fitters in Plymouth | A Rated Bathrooms

Something a little different One of the wetrooms we recently installed alongside bathroom fitters Plymouth wet room solutions sw. Firstly the customer decided to go with a unique castle style theme to fit in with there stunning property situated in burrator. Also the furnishing and finishing pieces came in brass and copper effects giving

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